the three country point - the fascination of the lake of constance

2 km and you stay on the longest boardwalk of the lake of constance, in Überlingen.

ways for bike and hike along the lake or in the beautiful outback starts in front of the hotel.

in summertime you can do aquatic sports like sail,surf dive and swim.

you can also visit the past in all the castles and burgs.



the circular path goes through Überlingen. moreover you can drive with the bike in the beautiful outback.

trip ride

with boat, bus or by train you can do a lot of trip ride, you can also book a bus ride in the Tourist Information. 

rent a boat

you can also rent a boat, like row, motor or paddleboat on the boardwalk.

geological path

the path goes from Sipplingen to the viewpoint "Haldenhof". 

On the way you get informations from 13 boards to the history of Earth.


"Badgarten" near the lake, municipal park with rarely trees and famous cactuspark,

beaches, romantic city moat, donjon and city gate.