sports and games

go fisching

 you can get a fisching license for the lake of Constance and the pond of Andelshofen if you are an owner of a fisherman card.

you get it in the Tourist Information.


we have three lidos: the lido east, the lido west near the therme of Überlingen and the lido of Nussdorf.

If you want to go to the therme, we can offer you 20 % off, if you pay cash on the reception of the hotel.


on the "Mantelhafen"

rent a bike

the hiking trail of the lake of Constance go through Überlingen. You can explore the outback with a bike.


Seestr. near the post 


on the sports area of Alt Birnau. rent and course by Sport Schmidt.


riding club Überlingen, Reutehöfe (riding hall) Tel:(07551) 4182


a filling station is not far away, 3 Km. You can fill with the outdoor filling station air with nitrox 200 bar.

Inside the filling station you get air 200 bar, air 300 bar, Nitrox, Trimix and Argon. The filling station of the lake of Constance 

is certified by the Bauer Kompressoren GmbH "Pure Air Station". you can get current readings of regular air measurement.

obvious we make measuring instruments available for gas analysis ( Helium, Oxygen) for free.

Also you can borrow an underwater equipment.