Did you know this:

  • that Überlingen is the most southerly and single Kneipp spa since 1956 ?
  • that the St. Nikolaus cathedral with his unequal towers, the symbol of the city,  is the biggest gothic church on the waterside promenade ?
  • that you can stroll around the longest waterside promenade in Überlingen ?
  • that we have a lot of parks and gardens in Überlingen and in the municipal park there you can see a big famous cactuspark ?
  • that the water supply for people in Stuttgart, who get the drinking water from the lake, is in the neighbourhood of Überlingen. There you can get information about the quality of the water.
  • that the oldest and renowned sailing school is in Überlingen and in this ideal area sailing races take place ?
  • that the 18 hole golf course is the most beautiful course around the lake and also have a good view ?
  • that you can find in Überlingen next to the "BSB" three private ship operations, where you can  make a trip, an extra trip or charter a ship on your own ?
  • that you can find a 170 Km road network for bike and hike with good points of view and worthwhile goals ?
  • that Überlingen is situated on the baroque road and "Jakobsweg", which go to Santiago de Compostella in spain ?
  • that the historic procession of swedish man take place in may and july  are based on an acceptance speech of the 30 year war ?
  • that you can find in once free city a good historic city with its fortifications ?
  • that Überlingen is a cultural centre of the Swabian Alemannic "Fasnacht" ?
  • that you can see in the municipal museum of local history, Reichlin- von-Meldegg-Haus, 50 old doll´s houses ?
  • that Überlingen was and is a popular residence for artists, musicians, poets and writers ?
  • that Überlingen is well known through the fasting cure named after Dr. Otto Buchinger ?
  • that here is also a spa orchestra, who plays in seaseon for concerts of the orchestra and for dance ?