Be pampered with massages

Our hotel offers a wide range of massages and treatments that will help you to fully relax during your vacation. Below we have listed our massage and treatments offer. So that we can consider your desired dates, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible, ideally before arrival.

We are also happy to offer our massage services to all locals from Überlingen and the region.

We are glad about the contact!

Rose und Öl auf einem nackten Rücken während einer Massage

Classic massages

  • Vital full body massage
    45 minutes ~ 50 Euro
  • Aroma oil full body massage
    60 minutes ~ 63 Euro
  • Vital partial body massage back and neck
    30 minutes ~ 40 Euro
  • Head and face massage
    30 minutes ~ 40 Euro

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Heiße Steine auf einem Rücken während einer Massage

Body energy massages

  • Hot Stone Massage
    Full body ~ 60 minutes ~ 68 Euro
    Back/Neck ~ 45 minutes ~ 55 Euro
  • Foot Zone Massage
    With footbath ~ 40 minutes ~ 48 Euro
    With peeling and footbath ~ 50 minutes ~ 58 Euro
  • Chakra Massage
    Vitalizing, for mental relaxation, against depression, sadness, balances the chakras
    Belly ~ 15 minutes ~ 20 Euro

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Due to the current corona situation we do not offer facial treatments.

  • Basic treatment – classic
    Facial cleansing, peeling, active ingredient ampoule, face, neck and decoletté massage
    45 minutes ~ 55 Euro
  • Facial treatment – Anti-Aging
    Following the “basic treatment”, a special anti-aging mask by ultrasound into the skin
    60 minutes ~ 70 Euro
  • Small wellness break for him & her
    Facial cleansing, fleece mask, face, neck and hand massage
    40 minutes ~ 50 Euro

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All massages and treatments at a glance

Body energy massages

Herbal stamp massage

Body care with herbs and spices. The stamp massage works physically metabolism stimulating, purifying, decongesting, skin caring and is relaxation PUR.

€uro 69 – min 60 – full body

Singing bowls

During a sound massage several singing bowls are struck on the clothed body. The vibrations allow us to relax deeply in a very short time and gently release tensions and blockages in the body.

€uro 50 – min 45 – full body

Ear candling treatment

The ear candles have a purely physical effect and are a gentle eardrum massage. This is followed by a massage of the earlobes and pinna.

€uro 30 – min 20

€uro 38 – min 30 followed by a lymphatic drainage – total-

Hand massage with peeling

A hand massage helps to relax the muscles in the hands and fingers and stimulates blood circulation. The peeling makes the skin soft and smooth, the following massage cares for stressed skin.

€uro 28 – min 20

Breuss Massage

The Breuss massage or spinal fit massage is a very gentle massage of the spine. It is very lightly stretched so that the intervertebral discs take a deep breath and often move to their proper place all by themselves. The massage also releases muscle tension.

€uro 48 – min 40 – back

Garshan Massage

The dry massage with a silk glove, known as Garshan, is recommended in Ayurveda for gentle stimulation and better circulation of the connective tissue to activate lymphatic drainage – especially for the elimination of waste products.

€uro 48 – min 45 – full body

Creole Secret – Cane Sugar Body Scrub

Cane sugar gently removes impurities and dead skin cells. Sweet almond oil and vitamin E leave a protective, nourishing film on the skin.

€uro 33 – min 25 – full body

Tahiti Sand Body Scrub

Your skin will benefit from a very special “rubdown” with Tahitian sand. It acts like a light massage and leaves your skin glowing.

€uro 35 – min 25 – full body

Micropeeling full body peeling

Pure vegetable oil. Mixture of high quality vegetable oils known for their stimulating and anti-fatigue effects.

€uro 30 – min 20 – full body

Full body peeling salt therapy from the Dead Sea

This treatment with sea salt and essential oils cleanses your skin and removes old skin cells.

€uro 30 – min 20 – full body

Thalasso therapy

Packs with algae and salts from Brittany. Slimming, purifying and draining properties.

Full body pack with Fucus marine algae

Green clay is rich in natural mineral salts and oligo elements. Detoxifies the skin surface. Stimulates cell renewal and remineralizes the organism. It is excellent for stress, fatigue, nervousness – but also for many diseases of wear and tear, rheumatism and back pain. Tightening and slimming!

€uro 50 – min 40 – full body pack with resting phase

€uro 80 – min 70 – full body pack with resting phase and subsequent massage

Island dream

Packs with coconut – coconut is essential for the protection and functions of cells. Ideal combination to soften, nourish and protect the skin.

Full body pack with coconut

enriched with coconut pulp, kaolin and corn starch, this pack gives a wonderfully scented velvety soft skin.

€uro 50 – min 40 – full body pack with resting phase

€uro 80 – min 70 – full body pack with resting phase and subsequent massage


Beauty – Skin

Treatment for skin rejuvenation. Injection of cosmetic active ingredients and stimulation of collagen regeneration. The active ingredients

are introduced into the skin by ultrasound.

€uro 30 – min 20

Fit 4 fun

Group courses from 3 persons:

Guided meditation – supported by singing bowls

Relaxation and spiritual power through a fantasy journey as well as tensing and consciously letting go of all body parts.

€uro 19 – min 40

Active awakening:

Slowly we start the day. The circulation is brought into swing with a facial massage, yoga and Pilates With subsequent body sensation on the barefoot path.

€uro 19 – min 40

Relaxation- individually bookable –

Chakra journey- guided by a CD

During the chakra journey you will learn to feel and experience the individual chakras in self-awareness. The energies are awakened and brought to flow.

€uro 10 – min 40 = 1 person €uro 8 = 2 persons/ per person

Spinal column and intervertebral disc couch

Do you have severe back pain due to work or a slipped disc, are you tense?

While you lie on the jade massage couch and optimally relieve your spine in a horizontal position, a massage sled with six warm jade rollers glides from your neck over your back to your legs. The jade rollers loosen the tense back muscles, while at the same time the infrared heat penetrates deep into the body through the rollers.

€uro 18 – min 37

Chi Machine – wellness device for more well-being

Inspired by the massage forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a wave like a figure eight resonates through the entire organism.

Gently loosens and releases tension and energy blockages.

€uro 15 – min 25

“I think of me” programs

Also available as a voucher for your loved ones – who are not hotel guests:

Body – Mind – Soul Day Spa €uro 105

* Full body peeling 25 min

* Foot reflexology massage 20 min

* Aroma oil full body massage 40 min

* Chakra journey 45 min

* Application on the Chi Machine 10 min

Including use of sauna, infrared cabin, sunbathing lawn, barefoot path and meditation area. Bathrobe for rent

Pampering program Short Spa €uro 85

* Peeling and massage for hands 15 min

* Hot stone full body massage 60 min

Including use of sauna, infrared cabin, sunbathing lawn, barefoot path and meditation place. Bathrobe for rent

Girlfriends day €uro 135 per person

* Full body peeling 25 min

* Full body wrap with coconut or seaweed incl. resting phase 35 min

* Wellness massage 40 min

* Chakra journey – meditation 45 min

* Application on the jade lounger 37 min

* At the end a glass of Prosecco.

Including use of sauna, infrared cabin, sunbathing lawn, barefoot path and meditation place. Bathrobe for rent