Sauna Oase

Welcome to our Sauna Oasis, where you can experience absolute relaxation and rejuvenation. Our wellness area offers two different saunas: a Finnish sauna and an Herbal sauna.

Finnish Sauna: Immerse yourself in the traditional Finnish sauna culture with temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius. This intense sauna experience promotes circulation, boosts the immune system, and supports detoxification of your body for overall improved well-being.

Herbal Sauna: Discover the soothing power of herbs in our specialized Herbal sauna. With pleasant temperatures ranging between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius, not only are your senses indulged, but your skin is also cleansed and circulation is stimulated. This sauna provides a gentler alternative to the traditional Finnish sauna and is perfect for a relaxing break.

Our Sauna Oasis offers the perfect balance of warmth, relaxation, and health promotion. Enjoy the variety of saunas and leave the everyday stress behind.